100 Things to Do in Cincinnati Before You Die

We’re pleased to be included in 100 Things to Do in Cincinnati Before You Die by Rick Pender, the latest in the 100 Things to Do Before You Die series of city guides. We love this city and its people, and it’s clear Rick Pender does too! Cincinnati has been an important, intriguing city since its founding in 1788. One of America’s largest metropolises in the 19th century, it was known as the Gateway to the West. To reach to the American frontier, most travelers ferried down the Ohio River. In Cincinnati they enjoyed a refined stop before heading to less civilized regions. In the mid-19th century, thousands of German immigrants found new homes in Cincinnati, a city reminiscent of the European regions they left behind. These industrious people established institutions and businesses that continue to give the city its unique identity from music (especially singing) to beer and the […]

Blue Ash Memorial Day Parade

Blue Ash Chili was honored to take part in the 2016 Blue Ash Memorial Day Parade! It was a perfect day for a parade.